quarta-feira, junho 07, 2006

Why GlassFish ?

Achei um artigo ( talvez o primeiro ) mostrando alguns motivos para você usar GlassFish , confesso que alguns deles são bem forçados... mas no geral até que vale a pena ;D

• GF is an Open Source, Community Based implementation of Java EE 5.
• Java EE 5 is a huge improvement over earlier J2EE versions (J1 Keynotes).
• GF is Production Quality and has very Good Performance.
• GF is delivered in SJS AS 9.0, Java EE 5 SDK, and NetBeans 5.5.
• GF has already affected adoption and is getting analyst attention [1], [2].
• GF is used by other groups like in JEUS 6 Preview from TMaxSoft.
• GF has many goodies, including Java DB and Java Blueprints.
• GF is committed to your favorite framework.
• GF is at the forefront of JPA adoption.
• GF Web Services stack is very good and it is getting better and better.
• GF's Grizzly delivers top Web Tier performance and flexibility.
• GF has Developer Support, Training and more.
• GF supports AJAX and Scripting.
• GF has platform and tool SOA support, including JBI and BPEL.
• GF is used directly for the official Reference Implementation of Java EE 5.
• GF is the code base for the Sun Java System Application Server.
• GF will incorporate the enterprise features available today in SJS AS 8.x.
• Many components are in the Maven Repository; and more soon.
• We are already working on the next releases (more).

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